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Disease Camp?!? Doesn’t That Sound Awesome?!?! Alas, Its Not For Adults…CDC Offers Disease Detective Camp For HS Kids…Wow!

March 3, 2012

When I first read this I thought…Wow…this is so up my alley!!!! I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!


Then I read a bit further and alas found out it is only for high school kids….but, how cool is that?!?!?!


The CDC Disease Detective Camp gives rising high school juniors and seniors exposure to key aspects of CDC, including basic epidemiology, infectious and chronic disease tracking, public health law, and outbreak investigations. The camp also helps students explore careers in public health.

The CDC Disease Detective Camp teaches attendees the fundamentals of CDC’s work:  the field of public health and the science of epidemiology. Public health is a vast field that covers many aspects of keeping populations of people healthy. It includes, but is not limited to, research, data collection, data analysis, and health education. Epidemiology, the systematic study of diseases in populations, is one of the sciences used at CDC to help improve the public’s health.

Twenty-seven high-school juniors and seniors will be selected for each camp session. Most attendees are from the Atlanta area, but every year CDC has out-of-state attendees. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and learn some really cool things….

Details You Need to Know

  • Two 5-day sessions in 2012:
    June 18-22
  • July 16-20
  • 27 rising high-school juniors and seniors will be selected for each camp session.
  • Applications are due April 6

For information and to apply go to

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