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Ready Or Not…Here She Comes!!! Hurricane Sandy Positioned To Grind Up The East Coast – State Of Emergency Declared In Four States

October 27, 2012

Two powerful storm systems, led by Hurricane Sandy, continued on their collision course on Saturday morning, and with forecasts showing them likely to converge with potentially devastating effect somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard as early as Sunday evening, tens of millions of people began to make preparations as state and local authorities increased the urgency of their warnings.

Experts cautioned that even if Hurricane Sandy decreased in strength, the storm would likely still be powerful because of the unusual convergence of several weather systems.

As the storm moves ashore, a system known as a midlatitude trough — which often leads to severe winter storms — is moving across the country from the west. It is expected to draw in Hurricane Sandy, giving it added energy. A burst of frigid arctic air is expected to sweep down through the Canadian plains just as those two storms are converging. That could lead to several feet of snow inland in West Virginia, and lighter amounts in parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as a deluge of rain along the coast.

Four States Have Declared a State of Emergency

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today declared a state of emergency in New York in preparation for the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy, which may hit New York State in the coming days. A state of emergency mobilizes resources to local governments that otherwise are restricted to state use only and suspends regulations that would impede rapid response.

Anticipating severe weather conditions including high winds, rain, coastal, stream and river flooding, and the storm’s potential to threaten the public’s health and safety, Governor Chris Christie today declared a state of emergency throughout the state of New Jersey as a result of severe weather conditions anticipated from Hurricane Sandy.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has declared a State of Emergency before Hurricane Sandy. The governor is urging all Maryland residents to prepare for extreme weather, including making emergency plans and stocking up on storm supplies.

Governor Bob McDonnell has declared a state of emergency in Virginia in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, which is anticipated to affect the Commonwealth over the weekend and early next week.

I hope this goes without saying however—-Get ready!

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