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Flu Season is Upon Us…Where Do You Go For Up-To-Date Information. Check Out the CDC Flu Weekly Site and Subscribe! Cool!

September 30, 2012

I always know that flu season is upon us when I get my first email from “Flu Weekly” from the CDC…oh happy day!


Flu Season is from November – April although as of today, we have cases already in many parts of the United States. If you would like to “follow along” with the season, I would recommend that you sign up for the weekly missive from the CDC entitled “Flu Weekly” and just as the name implies, it gives you the blow-by-blow details of the past week in the world of the Flu in the U.S.

And if you haven’t done so as of yet, this is a GREAT time to get your flu shot!


Here is what you can expect from Flu Weekly!


This weeks surveillance results.

WHO and NREVSS collaborating laboratories located in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. report to CDC the number of respiratory specimens tested for influenza and the number positive by influenza type and subtype. Region specific data can be found at

Pneumonia and influenza Mortality

This weeks Pneumonia and influenza Mortality report.

Pediatric influenza Mortality

Report of pediatric deaths.

Outpatient Surveillance

This weeks outpatient surveillance.

Other Resources

Need more information – there are lots more great places to look.

Google Flu Trends: Google Flu Trends uses aggregated Google search data in a model created in collaboration with CDC to estimate influenza activity in the United States. For more information and activity estimates from the U.S. and worldwide, see

Europe: for the most recent influenza surveillance information from Europe, please see WHO/Europe at and visit the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control at

Public Health Agency of Canada: The most up-to-date influenza information from Canada is available at

World Health Organization FluNet: Additional influenza surveillance information from participating WHO member nations is available at FluNet and the Global Epidemiology Reports

And the best advice during the flu season – wash your hands, cover your cough with your arm or sleeve AND don’t touch your face!  And get that flu shot—-now!!!!


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